NFDI Strategy Meeting

The NFDI hosted a strategy session to reflect on the May 5th Inaugural dialogue held in Parktown, Johannesburg and plans for the upcoming dialogues.

The discussions were focused on the HI5 Words group discussions of the May 5th Inaugural dialogue and analysing as topics for the future dialogues. The meeting detailed the purpose of future dialogues;

  • Address “where do we go from here”;
  • Create a Mission, Vision and Timelines for implementation;
  • Create a process for problem solving;
  • What shall we do about the urgent expectation/pressure to provide solutions

Prof Pityana of the Thabo Mbeki Foundation, highlighted the role of the NFDI:

  • NFDI serves as a resource and enabler for information and strategies related to the issues that are raised through the NFDI Dialogue process and the HI5 Words project;
  • NFDI is a catalyst and facilitator for empowering and equipping every South Africa for both socio-political and economic change; and
  • Lastly, the NFDI will create a platform for South Africans to envision the dream of a new South Africa

In conclusion, the NFDI members agreed to work towards “Reviving the Dream of a United and Democratic Non-racial and Non-sexist South Africa”

NFDI Strategy Meeting